I’ve decided to start a new segment on my blog highlighting individuals who are risk takers. Individuals who are unapologetic in their pursuit of achieving the goals they desire. Individuals who challenge conventional norms by mapping a path of their own.

Myself and Ella in NY

And there is no better way to start this than with my best friend Ella… Perhaps this sounds like a bias option? Allow me to elaborate.

Ella has recently dropped out of college in NY and moved to London to pursue her dreams of being a singer.

Go-getter personified? I think so.

Hey Ella. So moving to London from NY to pursue a career in music is a pretty ballsy move. How did you make the decision?

Last year I went to London for Spring Break and I got a glimpse into the music scene. I was instantly attracted to the calibre of musicians here as London has some of the most successful artists right now and I knew I needed to be around that environment. Making the decision to move was easier than you’d expect. I have always been a “yes” person and I thought the move would progress my career so it was the only option really. The move was pretty terrifying to be honest but I’m so appreciative of the support from my family and friends as it has made everything less daunting!

What ignited your passion for music?

I have had a lot of change in my life from moving schools to moving countries and whilst the environment around me was changing music has always been a constant. When I first moved to New York I was so homesick and going to weekly voice lessons and shows was a form of escapism and helped me so much. I also have learning difficulties hence why I moved schools so many times but music has always been a skill that never failed me. It has been my therapy I guess. I thought that if music can help my healing than I’m sure it could help a lot of other peoples too.

Is there an artist in the music industry who you particularly admire?

I am OBSESSED with Lianne La Havas at the moment. She uses her jazz roots and incorporates them into her material, which I love. Her tone of voice is so unique and strong that it becomes somewhat addictive to listen to. I love musicians who are intelligent about stylistic techniques in their chosen genre and Lianne La Havas definitely knows what she is doing with jazz.  She is a musician’s musician!

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from thfor-blogem?

In the past I’ve said no to opportunities out of fear of failure. It sometimes seems like a good idea to play it safe but missing out on an opportunity no matter now big or small could cost you your career. One of my biggest failures though was when I was rejected from Belmont Music School in Tennessee. I was devastated and had no idea why they didn’t want me and I felt totally worthless. Looking back I realise that everything happens for a reason and I know that college wouldn’t have been the right environment for me. Another lesson I’ve learnt is that some things are out of your control and things don’t always fall into place as you’d wish or expect but you just have to appreciate “right now”.

What can we expect from you in the future? 

I am currently in development working on my EP. I have recorded three songs already and there are more in the works and they will be released in spring at the latest. I am also doing shows around London next month and I’ll be posting the dates on my website. Also next summer I’m planning on touring for 3 months around England and hopefully doing some stuff in New York so watch out for that!

In your opinion what are the top three skills needed to be a go-getter?

I think if you want to be a go-getter it’s important to always be open to new adventures and opportunities. Having that ‘yes’ mentality can open so many doors. That being said, it’s unfeasible to say yes to everything that comes your way, so it’s also about being smart with whom you say yes to. Secondly, I think being selfish at times can be a good thing. When I first moved to London I let so many things in New York hold me back from new experiences and I kick myself for it now. I have learnt to prioritise my career and myself, which has created so many opportunities and enabled me to meet some incredible people. The most crucial skill to being a go-getter though is to be enthusiastic. If you lack enthusiasm then you’ll never say yes to things and have the desire to whole heartedly pursue your career goals!

You can find more on Ella below:




Song on repeat whilst writing: Clean Bandit – Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie



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