I have had a desire to start a new blog for a while but have been exceptionally busy with a variety of important things…Busy watching beauty tutorials on youtube and deluding myself that my student budget allows me to afford a £42 bronzer. Busy educating myself with the celebrity column on Daily Mail. And busy debating the tough and contentious questions of life, who WILL Jojo pick on the newest season of the Bachelorette?


I am aware I live a truly riveting life…

Anyways who am I? I’m Ally a media student at Bournemouth University. I also attend a part-time drama school in London.

So Camp Carpe Diem… I chose this name because I think it is important to ‘carpe diem’ (seize the day) as you never know what tomorrow may bring… Ok, so I am maybe painting a highly contradictory picture of myself as it is obvious from the beginning of this post that I frequently fail to ‘carpe diem’. So I guess this blog serves as a positive mantra reminding myself to live by my own rules and hopefully it has the same effect on you.

Stay tuned..